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About Demotix


"Photos from Iranian citizen journalists... mark a coming of age"

"lives at the intersection of professional and citizen journalism"

"gives locals a chance to report from their own perspective"

"a pretty interesting approach to reinventing the newswire"

What We Do


Demotix is the award-winning newswire where YOU tell the stories. We put photos and video from ordinary people and freelance photographers into the international news media.

How It Works


Got photos the world needs to see? Upload them to us and we'll push them out to our hundreds of buyers. Earn money for your photos and network with photographers and clients.

How We Sell


We use a variety of methods to get your images and video out to the mainstream media and seen by millions of people. Come and see what our sales team gets up to every single day.

Why We're Here


Demotix gets the news that matters into the headlines - beating the cost-cutting forces destroying international news. We want your journalism to make a difference.

Who We Are


Demotix is a small team of people from all over the world who love news and want the stories that matter to be heard. Drop in and let us introduce ourselves.

Who You Are


Our core team is based in London, with outliers in Cairo, New York and Bangkok. Our contributors come from every continent and more are joining every day.