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How It Works



Were you there when it happened?

Whether you're using an old cellphone or the best-of-breed latest SLR, shoot the news and send it over!

Demotix publishes news and editorial features only - to find out more about the kinds of pictures we publish and more technical information, check our Publishing FAQ.

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We want to make uploading as easy as possible for you, because SPEED is of the absolute essence when it comes to selling your pictures!

Choose between:

  • Web Upload
  • Desktop Upload (via FTP, with Adobe Lightroom and Photo Mechanic plug-ins)
  • Mobile Upload (coming very soon)

Find out more through our Uploading FAQ.



Once you've uploaded your images to Demotix, our publishing team will take a look at them to check they're yours to licence and are newsworthy.

Once your story is published, two things happen:

  1. Your story will be seen by some of the 100,000s of people who come to Demotix monthly. Spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, etc… and use Demotix like your own personal portfolio
  2. If your pictures are good and timely, our sales teams will push them out to our hundreds of clients and global resellers, within seconds of seeing them.

To learn more, take a look at our Publish FAQ and How We License pages.