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Coverage from Demotix

Coverage from Demotix

collage of Demotix images in globally recognised publications

Monthly, Demotix licenses hundreds of your images and pictures to newspapers, broadcasters, online news sites, NGOs, book publishers
and others all over the world.

Demotix image used on the front page of The Guardian

Demotix image used to illustrate an article at Amnesty International Online

Demotix images dominate a spread in Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant

Demotix image in The Independent

Demotix image on the front page of Egyptian newspaper Al-Masry

Demotix image at MailOnline

Evening Standard

Demotix image in the Daily Mirror

Demotix image on the front cover of Heritage magazine

Demotix image in Metro

Demotix image in Newsweek

Demotix image on The Sun's website

Demotix image in a Water Aid fundraising booklet

Demotix image on