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Who We Are

News Desk

Ossie Ikeogu is a Londoner born and bred with over 10 years experience in the Stock Photography industry. After graduating at Warwick University in American History and Politics he had a brief foray into the world of journalism as a trainee cub reporter at the glamorous Watford Observer before embarking on a stint in finance to pay off student loans. After selling his soul he finally found his niche in the world of photography and image licensing; working at both Getty and Corbis where he had a perfect insight into the digitization of the industry but still remembers the days of lost transparencies and 'real' light boxes. He's currently learning to play the Harmonica, and lives in North London with his partner and their baby daughter who contrary to all the baby books he endeavoured to read, still refuses to let him have a good night sleep.

Profile: ossieke
Twitter: @redikki


Alex McFadyen was living in Madrid for 4 years, until he was was tempted back to London by Demotix. Previously, he attended the University of East Anglia to study computing and poker (artificial intelligence) and then went to work for the Associated Press at their electronic news production system team inside the BBC in London. After leaving the AP, and a brief trip to Japan, he became a "senior developer for hire" working for design and consultancy firms around the world. Leveraging that experience in combination with a strong belief in Open Source technology, he has been guiding Demotix's tech path since the very early days. Alex - surprisingly for an Englishman - also makes a fine California Roll.

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Twitter: @a_c_m

Alexandru Badiu comes from the land of Dracula but loves the web and not blood. He is a founding member of Drupal Romania and he used to teach web technologies at the University of Bucharest while working for various Drupal startups. When not coding Andu is trying to learn the piano and makes weird sounds with his theremin and his gameboys. From time to time he likes to ride pig statues while pretending to be Bastian from Neverending Story.

Profile: Alexandru Badiu
Twitter: @Voidberg

Nyk Cowham

Nyk Cowham has lived with a hill tribe family (Lahu) in Northern Thailand since 2009, after fourteen years living in the Washington DC Metro area. He worked for the Defence Systems Management College in Fort Belvoir, Virginia and was Senior Technical Architect for ten years, with a prominent open source internet consultancy in Washington DC. His background is in systems and data integration, content management and customer/constituent management consulting. He was the software architect for SyntaxCMS, and ProjectSpace, but has worked as advocate and developer with Drupal and CiviCRM/SugarCRM for the last six years. His "power animal" is the Penguin.


Pavol Odlevak

Pavol Odlevak comes from Slovakia, where he studied business informatics and was always fascinated with Linux and open source. He worked as a system administrator for a German Internet ad-serving company, which he later switched for an exciting small startup. After a brief touch with the card processing and the banking industry, he decided to go back to Linux and emerging new technologies. Pavol likes classic rock, fast cars and meeting interesting new people.

Twitter: @odlevakp


Jonas Vieira

Jonas Vieira is not related, but was born in the same island as Cristiano Ronaldo, Madeira, Portugal. Before joining Demotix, he devised reports for the Portuguese Navy on international military cooperation and experimented the trails of accountancy in a film production company. With an engaging passion for politics and news, Jonas holds a degree in International Relations and a Master degree in International Security and Terrorism from the University of Kent. On his free time he likes to wander around London with his partner and devour books on inequality, private military companies and conflict studies while attempting to analyse the roots of global insecurity.

Brandon Walston

Brandon Walston is originally from Philadelphia, but has primarily called Los Angeles and New York home in recent years. A graduate of Harvard University and the University of Southern California, he has worked on Corbis' Media Desk for two years.


Peggy Porquet

Peggy Porquet - Firstly trained by a professional photographer from the photo agency Stills, Peggy started to work at the photo agency Sygma in 2000 at the export department, where she was notably in charge of the communication of the production to the Sygma subagents. She entered the news desk of Corbis Sygma from 2003 and since then, she is in charge of the creation of reportages destined for international news magazines as well as building and consolidating an international network of independent photographers. Besides photo editing and obtaining credentials and access for contributors, she's in charge of the submissions to photographic awards, such as POYI, World Press photo and Bayeux war correspondents award. Peggy has done portfolio reviews at Visa pour L'Image since 2005 and has been a jury member at the Bayeux War Correspondents Awards for three years. She also has co-curated photo exhibits and took part in several selections of photos for books.

Matthew Richards is a photojournalist currently based out of Thailand, interested in news reporting, conflict photography and beautiful faces. His work has appeared in numerous international publications including The Economist, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, The Straits Times, The South China Morning Post, and Bangkok Post amongst others. Images from his political protest coverage also featured in 'How to Start a Revolution' a BAFTA award winning British documentary film about Nobel Peace Prize nominee and political theorist Gene Sharp. Born in England, Matthew has spent most of the last 20 years living in Asia.Together with his interest in photography, he is also a writer, picture editor and proofreader. 

Profile: MatthewRichards
Twitter: @forestmat

Jeff Enlow

Jeff Enlow is a California boy living in New York. Along with editing Jeff is still an active and passionate photographer. Before Corbis he spent a year floating around the California Delta with the National Geographic Society Explorers Program.

Internal Community Correspondence

Zak Bennett is a journalist, picture editor and management professional based in USA. His work has appeared in a number of publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, TIME and the Jerusalem Post. Zak began working at Demotix as the MENA editor in Israel in 2010, just as the Arab Spring was taking stage. Zak holds a degree in Journalism and Latin American Studies from the University of Florida and a Masters in Tech & Project Management from New York University, and speaks Spanish and English. Zak has worked as a sushi chef and is not afraid to take in a stray dog.

Profile: Zachary Bennett
Twitter: @zak_bennett


Even though they are no longer part of the Demotix team, we include the founders here, as without them Demotix would have never exsisted!

Turi Munthe was the Founder and CEO.
He's English-French-Swedish and was brought up in London. He's been a publisher, editor, policy analyst, lecturer, and journalist and talking head for most of the big English language broadcasters and newspapers. He has lived in the US, Syria, Israel, Nepal, Spain and France, studied at Oxford University, the Hebrew University and NYU, and speaks Italian, French, Spanish and Arabic (badly). He's given lectures on Iran to the Central Communist Party of China, and on erotica to the ICA. His one book is the Saddam Hussein Reader, and he lives in London with his wife and two children.

Profile: Turi
Twitter: @munthe

Jonathan Tepper was a Founder of Demotix.
He is frozen in time on Google as a very blonde and nerdy 22-yr-old Rhodes Scholar - and hasn't changed much. He graduated with highest honours in History and Economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and then went on to do his M.Litt at Oxford in Modern History (which is where Turi and he met). Jonathan's background is in finance. Jonathan is American, but was brought up in Spain and Mexico, and is a Trustee of Asociacion Betel in Britain. He can also do a handstand from the lotus position, has a near-photographic memory, and speaks Mediaeval Spanish (only useful in Sefardic retirement homes in Brooklyn).

Profile: jtepper2
Twitter: @jtepper2