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Henry Louis Gates arrest


BILL CARTER happened to capture the moment a nationwide race row erupted.
He found Demotix through Google and took the plunge.

Bill's share was over $8000.

Lava Cooking


KRISTJAN LOGASON thought he just had a fun, quirky story.
When Eyjafjallajökull erupted in 2010, it turned into a massive seller.

Kristjan's share was over $1000.

Current training topic

The following tips are based on commonly accepted editorial values adopted by most mainstream media.

Visual journalists operate as trustees of the public. Our primary role is to report visually on the significant events and varied viewpoints in our common world. Our primary goal is the faithful and comprehensive depiction of the subject at hand. As visual journalists, we have the responsibility to document society and to preserve its history through images.

On our Editorial ethics for photojournalists page we have put together a list commonly accepted editorial values adopted by most mainstream media.

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