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Demotix Editor's Pick

06/07/2015 by Mikel Cia Da Riva
The one week San Fermin festival kicks off with the 'chupinazo', a large rocket fired from Pamplona's town hall in Spain. The festival is famous for its daily running of the bulls through the historic heart of Pamplona to the bull ring.
05/07/2015 by Beata Zawrzel
Summer reached its hottest day in Krakow so far this year. A water curtain was set in the main square to help members of the public cool down in the heatwave.
05/07/2015 by See Li
Hundreds of people attended The Colour of Time event as part of the Greenwich and Docklands International Festival at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford, London.
04/07/2015 by The moncza
The first Tattoo Convention opened in Dublin, featuring over 100 international tattoo artists, body piercers, traders, alternative shows, and entertainment for everyone.
04/07/2015 by Carl-Mickael Andersson
The legendary American rocker Alice Cooper, at 67 years old, performed live at the Furuvik amusement park in Sweden. This was the last stop of the European leg of his worldwide tour, with a concert on the fourth of July.
03/07/2015 by Reporter#7626485
Muslims offer prayers on the third Friday during the holy Islamic month of Ramadan at Vasi Ullah mosque in Allahabad
03/07/2015 by Oleksandr Khomenko
Volunteers of the Right Sector, the Aydar Battalion, and other organisations conducted the mass rally on Grushevskogo street, the place of the Euromaidan tragedy in Kiev, demanding the leaders of Ukraine stop the repressions against nationalists.
03/07/2015 by Tim Anger
The Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping event, part of the Global Champions Tour equestrian jumping competition, pitted the worlds best competitors against each other. Australian Jamie Kermond, aboard Yandoo Oaks Constellation, won with a final jump of 2m.
02/07/2015 by DIMITRIOS MANIS
D.C. officials gave an "all clear" at Washington Navy Yard after the reports earlier in the day were received that there was an active shooter inside a government building.
02/07/2015 by epoca_libera
Anxious crowds of elderly Greeks queue up outside banks open specifically for pensioners who don’t have bank cards, allowing them some access to their money. Pension withdrawals are limited to €120 per person.

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