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Demotix Glossary

This page will offer definitions of the terms we use on the site and in our FAQ, just in case any of them are unfamiliar.



- Once you enter your Settings page, you will see the option Account, where you will find information about your account, from PayPal information to re-setting your password.


- If you need to remain anonymous when uploading images and video from your country, you can create your own username, and not use your real name. Your email address is not displayed on the site, but we suggest using a Gmail account as this is harder to locate - and we can contact you through this anonymously. Setting names is easy.

Adding extra images

- Sometimes it is necessary to add more images to a story. This is possible for you to do by simply going to your previously published story and clicking EDIT. For more information follow this link.



- Blog posts will keep you informed about the website, news or even problems. Articles will always be posted by the Demotix team.



- A caption is a few lines of text used to explain the image. Captions should include the Who, When What, Why and Where the image was taken. These are seen under each image to provide context, and help you. Captions should concisely explain what is actually seen in the image. There is usually no need to put the city, country or date in the caption, as that information will be already in the media summary that you have provided on the first edit page. There is more on our Uploading Reports to Demotix Help Page.


- The category will be the main category for the story you have recently uploaded. There is more on our Uploading Reports to Demotix Help Page


- You, other photographers, and the Demotix team all have the ability to comment on each others stories. There is often nothing better than a bit of praise or a constructive comment after a hard day shooting photographs.


- If you click in community, several forums will appear where you will be able to share information with other contributors or have a look at the latest news.



- The date when uploading stories should be the date you took the pictures, never the date you uploaded them. If you took images over a period of a few days, then the date for your story should be the day on which you took the most recent image in the set. There is more on our Uploading Reports to Demotix Help Page.


- After logging in with your username, if you click dashboard on the top of the page, you will see the pictures you have sold. It is called “My Demotix”.


- Use this text box when uploading to give readers the whole story about the event you uploaded pictures of. It has to contain as much information as possible. Always be descriptive, objective and precise. Try to think that you are trying to inform the population about that particular event - remember the Five W’s. There is more on our Uploading Reports to Demotix Help Page.


Existing Media

- When you upload a story, on the right you will find the existing media display. It is populated with images you have previously uploaded, but which have not been added to the story.


- Picture editors looking to give an assignment, or looking for certain types of images, may sometimes want to know what camera equipment a photographer is using. Listing your current camera/s on your ‘Profile’ is useful.



- Once you click on Settings, you have the ability to link Demotix and Facebook, and share the articles you create once they have been published. This is a useful tool to self-distribute and bring more visitors to your work.


- The forum is very useful to catch up with information about the website, photography, news or anything that people want to share. Connect up with others in your area, share tips, ideas, or tell us what you want to see on the site.


Image Buyer

- Image buyers are clients that come onto Demotix to purchase images. We also send heaps of images out around the world using FTP distribution channels, but our site still attracts some of the biggest names in the industry searching for your images. Clients like Oxfam, The UN, The Times, Amnesty International and Global Voices use the site respectively, so showcasing your work is an important step to attracting image buyers. Our Uploading Reports to Demotix Help Page will make your stories much more attractive to buyers.



- Keywords are the words that will help people to find your story on the internet. Try and think about what the people who you want to see your story might be searching for on Google! If you are looking for something quickly, think about how you would search for it. This is what the picture editors do! Remember they are very busy looking at hundreds of images, so accurate keywords are an important part of your story. There is more on our Uploading Reports to Demotix Help Page



- The Lightbox is a feature that contains several sets of stories uploaded by different users but are all related to the same event in the world.


- Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a photography software program developed by Adobe Systems for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows, designed to assist Adobe Photoshop users in managing large quantities of digital images and doing postproduction work. Demotix has a plug-in for Lightroom that you can install, which will make it easier to send in images from your desktop. More information about our plug-in can be found here: Lightroom Plug-in


Media Summary

- The media summary will contain a brief explanation of the photos you have uploaded. One or two sentences should be more than enough. The summary should end with Town/City, Country and then the date (example: London, UK. 23rd June 2011) However, if the country or city are already mentioned in the Media summary or the title of the story, then there is not real need to add it at the end as well. There is more on our Uploading Reports to Demotix Help Page


- This forms an important part of the image that you send on each digital file. The information identifies who owns it, copyright & contact information, what camera created the file, along with exposure information and descriptive information such as keywords about the image, making the file searchable on the computer and/or the Internet. Picture editors often use meta data to verify the picture/event by first checking that dates match up. If your camera settings are not correct, it may affect the meta data information. There is more on our Uploading Reports to Demotix Help Page.



- This function will bring you to the main news stream, made up of material recently uploaded by our contributors and consisting mostly of breaking news.



- Once you click on Settings, the last option is Profile, where you will find information about your profile in Demotix. It’s a good idea to use this space to give a short biography of yourself, your experience and what camera equipment you use. Your Social Media addresses, such as Facebook and Twitter can be a useful addition on your profile too.


- This is the method that Demotix uses to pay its contributors. You just need to sign up using your email address, create an account and then enter the details on your Demotix profile.



- Near to Dashboard, as soon as you have logged in, Settings will take you to your account, Facebook and profile details and allow you to edit them.


- The search field serves to find pictures or stories that you might be interested in. You can click the Image ID or Title of the story you want to check.


- Sub-categories stand alongside categories as a place for you to add more categories to the main one you selected for your story. This will help other users to find your story and make it easier to find when searching on the web. There is more on our Uploading Reports to Demotix Help Page



- The title is at the top of the article and must be precise and informative. You have 70 characters to state what your story is about. Aim to be brief and clear. Shorter titles work best, and we don’t need any ‘period’ or fullstops at the end of the title. There is more on our Uploading Reports to Demotix Help Page


Upload News

- This is the function you will use when you want to upload a story to the website from within your web browser. This is just one of several methods of uploading news to Demotix: more information can be found here.


- The username will be the name you entered when created your profile