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Press Pass / Accreditation

How do I apply for a Press Pass?

You can apply after 20 stories by going to your dashboard, underneath the Sales block. There will be a button for you to re-direct you to the form. You will need a passport photo.

What accreditation does Demotix offer?

Through your Profile Dashboard, you can apply for a letter of accreditation for a specific event, or for a Demotix press pass.

How do I qualify for accreditation?

You can apply for a letter of accreditation after having had twenty five stories published on the Demotix website.

Before you can apply for a press pass, you must have published 20 stories on the Demotix website.

Can I change the delivery address?

Yes you can change the address to where it is delivered before the card goes to the printers. If it has already been paid for and gone, this will go to the address given.

Can I pay by Moneybookers?

Unfortunately we only accept PayPal or Credit Card for payment on Press Passes.

How do I apply for accreditation?

Click "Dashboard" at the top left of any page when you are logged in. On the right of your Dashboard page are links to the forms to apply for the press pass or an accreditation letter.

Please note that the link to apply for the press pass will not appear until you have had 20 stories published.

I need a press pass urgently and I don't have 20 published stories. Can I still get one?

Unfortunately, no.

The press pass works because the authorities understand that we make sure that the people who have them are genuine reporters. If we give press passes to anyone who asks for them, even if they don't meet our preconditions, the press pass will quickly become devalued and worthless, and press officers and police will have good reason to ignore your claims to be a bona fide reporter.

For the good of everyone who has a press pass, we have to make sure that this does not happen. For this reason, you will absolutely not be issued with a press pass until you have had 20 stories published.

How do I pay for the press pass?

Our preferred payment method for the pass is Paypal. We charge $20 for printing and shipping to any location in the world.

Please send your payment to billing{at}, quoting your 6-digit application reference number. If you do not include this number, we will not be able to process your payment.

Can I pay for the press pass using funds owing to me in my Demotix account?

At the moment, we can't do anything with your royalty payments other than send them straight on to you. This means that we can't simply deduct payment for the press pass directly from any funds owing to you as shown on the Sales Dashboard.

Can I pay for the press pass using funds owing to me in my Demotix account?

Can I use the Press Pass in my country?

This press pass is to identify you as a journalist, and someone supplying images to Demotix - so it can be carried around with you in any country. We do recommend you get a localised Press Pass also.

How can I set up a Paypal account? What if I don't have a credit card?

To set up a Paypal account, please click here.

If you don't have a credit card, you can still set up an account. For more information, please click here.

Where do I find the reference number for my press pass application?

You will be sent the reference number in a confirmation email after filling out the application form.

Can I pay by a different method?

If Paypal is not available, you can by credit card. These are only available on request, so please contact the office by emailing info{at} or calling us on +44 207 644 7501 before attempting to pay via these methods.

If I lose or my card is stolen what do I do?

We are currently creating a button for you to re-order your card from within your dashboard. If this is an emergency please call us on +44 207 644 7501

Press Pass Renewal

You can renew your Press Pass a month before this expires, you will receive an email. If not you can go onto your dashboard and there is a link.

Can I have a press pass if I have had work published elsewhere?

No, we have to see evidence of your work and dedication on Demotix. You are also holding a card with our company attached - we cannot take the risk.

How long will it take for my accreditation to be processed?

We aim to process all accreditation requests within 24 hours.

We will send you a digital copy of your accreditation letter via email.

The press pass takes around 15 business days (Monday - Friday) to be delivered worldwide from our printers in Canada. If you live in a non-EU country this may take longer.

Will I receive an email confirmation that my payment has been received?

No. Paypal gives you a receipt for your payment, which is your record of the transaction. We process paid press pass applications twice weekly.

Can I change my details, like delivery address or photo, after paying for my press pass?

If your press pass has already been dispatched, you will have to go through the process again and pay for a new pass to be printed and delivered.

How do I renew my press pass?

If you want to renew your press pass and your pass is due to expire within 15 days then you will see a message appear on your dashboard prompting you to re-appy.

You'll need to be able to send another $20 payment by PayPal, including the original reference number from your press pass application.