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Sales : FAQ

We get a huge amount of administrative questions on a daily basis.
Please help us to continue selling your pictures and see if your answer isn’t here:

I've seen my images on another website.

There are three reasons why this is the case;

a) We've licensed them!

b) They were stolen (illegal usage)

If you're not sure whether your image has been licensed or stolen, please fill out this form.

If we don't have a record of the sale, we'll tell you and work with you to chase the publisher.
If we do have a record of sale, you'll see it in your next royalty statement!

c) They were licensed by one of our resellers!

Demotix uses resellers to help syndicate your media around the world. Please do not fill out the form if you see your pictures on a photo-agency's website, or if you see the credit line includes a reseller's name. They're working for you!

There's a full list of resellers on our How We Sell page.

How do I know when my photos have been used illegally?

Please do not report usage that you have seen on Open Democracy or Global Voices. They are regular clients of ours and you will be paid for usage on their websites.

Equally, please do not contact us if you see your images on the website of one of our resellers - this simply means that they are doing their job and trying to sell your images!
There is a complete list of our resellers at

Why don't all my sales appear on my dashboard?

We have just moved to a digitised system where all your sales will be visible.
Please note, however, your sales only appear on your sales dashboard once we have received payment, so there may be a short delay in you seeing your picture in print or online and appearing here.

When will I get paid?

Demotix pays contributors within 30 days after we have received full payment from the client. There is generally a turnaround period of 90 days from publication to payment appearing on your dashboard. Please look here to view our full Terms of Business and here for our Licensing Terms.
Remember that if you haven't created a PayPal account and inputted your details into your Demotix profile, we CAN'T pay you! If your country does not allow PayPal to operate there, then please use MoneyBookers. To fill in your preferred method of payment go to; ‘Dashboard–Edit–Sales–Settings’.

Can you send me a tear-sheet?

If we have received one from the publication, they will be uploaded onto your sales dashboard. If we have not, there is very little we can do unfortunately! We try our best, but with very limited success.

How do Widget payments work?

Our new system automatically pays you if one of your pictures has been added to the widget. Please note, having your story make the front page is not the same as your picture being added to the widget -you will not be paid for this.

Have my photos been added to Corbis?

If you upload news or stock photographs which are 14MB+ in memory (or 5 megapixels or above), has the correct metadata embedded (date), and are well captioned they are very likely to have been pushed to Corbis. You can always check which images of yours are on Corbis by going to and in advanced search options, fill out 'Demotix' as the provider and input your name in the photographer field.
Full list of Corbis picture requirements; file size (14MB in memory/5 megapixels)

How does Demotix sell my images?

We sell your images using a variety of distribution methods in order to get the greatest possible number of media operators looking at your photos every day:

  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol) allows us to push your pictures at a click of a button to the global media. Currently we have hundreds of newspapers, magazines, websites, and resellers who receive our pictures as soon as they are published. We are constantly increasing the numbers of our FTP clients.
  • Resellers also receive the feed. They provide a pre-existing relationship with local or regional media. For example, we use Scanpix in Norway, Sweden and Denmark because the majority of their press already have a subscription to their service.
  • NB: We have negotiated the best percentage split possible with each of our resellers, including our distribution partner Corbis.

  • Direct sales. The Demotix sales team is in touch with media buyers all over the world every day to sell your pictures via phone and email.
  • E-Commerce. Our site is open for ad-hoc buyers to buy images directly from the site.

How do I know that Demotix really sells pictures?

Demotix is committed to openness and providing the best possible service to our contributors. In the near future, we will begin publicly displaying tearsheets and screenshots of our contributors’ photos being used wherever we have been able to retrieve them.

We will also send you the tearsheet personally when one of your own images has sold, so that you can keep it for your own records.

How much will I be paid for the use of my photos?

Rates can be very different, depending on where your photos are used.

In every case, we aim to get the best possible price for your photos.

You can check our standard rates when you are logged into the site by clicking the “Buy” button located under each photo. This will enable you to estimate how much you could earn from different types of usage.

How can I sell my images as an exclusive?

If you’d like Demotix to sell a set of pictures exclusively, please write ‘EXCLUSIVE’ at the beginning of the media summary. This will ensure that image buyers will be prevented from downloading or buying the images from our website.

Note that we will not push images marked “EXCLUSIVE” to our global client base. By asking for a set of images to remain exclusive, you will be restricting the number of people who see your work.

Can I sell my images elsewhere after uploading them to Demotix?

In short: yes!

Our Terms of Business state that you grant us a license to market your images for you. You're free to do whatever else you like with them - but please notify us if you enter into an exclusive agreement with another news outlet so that we can take the necessary steps.

Will I be paid for my images appearing on the Corbis website or other resellers' sites?

We select the best photos from Demotix to send to Corbis, and they then try to sell them to their own clients.

If they do manage to sell one of your photos, they will take a very small amount as commission, and then we will split the remaining royalty with you 50/50 as usual.

If the photos aren't sold, there's unfortunately no money involved, just as if your photos uploaded to Demotix were not sold.

Please see our resellers page for more detailed information.