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Generator part falls at nuclear plant one dead- Russellville, Arkansas

Generator part falls at nuclear plant one dead Russellville Arkansas
File Image: Arkansas Nuclear One, Arkansas' only nuclear power plant, located outside the city of Russellville. In foreground is the cooling water intake channel.
  • Generator part falls at nuclear plant one dead Russellville Arkansas

An accident at the turbine building of Arkansas' only nuclear power plant has claimed a life but did not cause radiation leakage or affect reactors. Photo from 7-2012.

Accident at Nuclear Power Plant Kills One, Injures Three
by Terry McCormick

Dateline Sunday March 31, 2013
Russellville, Arkansas, USA:

This morning, residents in the vicinity of Arkansas’ only nuclear power plant were startled by what was described as a loud crash.

The 8:00 a.m. (CDT) accident at Arkansas Nuclear One (ANO) involved heavy equipment in the turbine facility.

Pope County Emergency Management Service rescue units responded to a 911 call of trapped workers.

Reports indicate there was one fatality with as many as three other workers injured and taken to a local hospital. Pope County coroner Leonard Krout said the investigation of the incident is on-going.

The accident occurred while contractors were making routine repairs to a generator using a crane. A large, heavy part of the unit broke loose and fell, trapping the workers.

Authorities report that neither of ANO’s two reactors were affected and no warnings of any radioactive release or contamination have been issued.

ANO is owned by Entergy Arkansas Incorporated and has been operating since 1974 along the shore of Lake Dardanelle in central Arkansas. Its two pressurized water reactors can produce nearly 2000 megawatts of electricity. The plant is a mainstay for the area, providing jobs for about 900 people.

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