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"No set of principles, no training course, and no handbook can guarantee any journalist’s safety." - Committee to Protect Journalists

Demotix contributors range from seasoned professionals to ordinary people with camera phones.

You all have different levels of expertise and training when it comes to journalism, working in dangerous environments, and the technology you need to get the job done.

We'll be adding to this section regularly to make it a resource you can rely on on these subjects.

Newcomers and the experienced alike might not be aware of just how many charities and organisations there are dedicated to supporting journalism and freelancers, or just how much information is available online that can be useful to someone planning journalistic work.

That's why, where we don't have the right expertise within Demotix, we'll be creating a wide selection of links to other sites which will be able to help. Your suggestions and requests are more than welcome!

If you have ideas for the training section, whether you want to suggest a topic for us to cover or a link we haven't added, why not post it in our feedback forum?

Staying Safe

Get started on preparing yourself for reporting from dangerous environments.

Law and Authorities

Information and tips on law, from how to deal with police to protecting your work.

Reporting with Demotix

Streamline your workflow and get the most out of using Demotix.

Photography and Journalism tips

Brush up on your camera skills or make sure that you're sticking to honest ethical practice.

Technical Tips


Guides on covering your traces online and getting the most out of your hardware.