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  • An insight into the lives of Sudanese refugees who have returned to their homeland. Sudan. 02/07/2010

  • A rock band from the Sahara tour the US and Canada until June with the music of Tuareg. A mixture of rhythm and blues, for the Tuareg is seen as a form of rebellion and expression during the times of oppression. Los Angeles, United States. 28/06/2010

  • A rare glimpse of an elephant's more aggressive nature as adolescent elephants are seen attacking rhinos. Africa. 28/06/2010

  • A look at the animals behind the clean up of Africa. From the jackals, hyenas, vultures and crocodiles to the dung beetles, all play a part in maintaining a balance of life in Africa. Africa. 28/06/2010

  • A glimpse of Sudan's film making industry and the hardships they face in the production of films in the street, such as aggressive passers-by 'who were not used to the cameras on the streets.' Sudan. 28/06/2010

  • An insight into the wildlife of Africa. Spring has become the breeding time for many animals. Africa. 28/06/2010