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Akbar Allana

Akbar Allana

I have been a part of the media and television industry in Pakistan since 1996.I have, through my years in the business, created dozens of television commercials, numerous corporate and social documentaries and have been behind some of Pakistan’s most popular television programs and series.

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Aside from having had many successful projects in the television, film and media industries I have also initiated and executed several automation projects for the oil and gas sectors, as well as been involved in ongoing projects in alternative and renewable energy.

Currently I am running a privately owned production company GrayScale in the capacity of Chief Executive.GrayScale is a Television & Film Production Company that aims to bridge the divide between quality entertainment and factual information.In addition to these responsibilities I am also Head of Marketing at Alsons Consolidated International and serve on the boards of several NGO’s and Non Profit Organizations operating in Pakistan.

GrayScale is the Premiere Stock Footage Company in Pakistan and our archives encompass Hundreds of Hours of Original Footage from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, South East and Central Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

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