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Barry Kirsch

Barry Kirsch

Barry Kirsch is the definition of a veteran, international journalist.With more than 40 years of in-the-field experience, Kirsch can deliver quality photos and multimedia packages suitable for print, Web and other cross-discipline formats on-time every time.

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Kirsch started his career at the Orlando Sentinel Star, where he distinguished himself as a highly qualified photojournalist.He was hired at the age of 17.

He presently makes his home in the Orlando market, but is available for assignment worldwide.

An experienced traveler, Barry has worked in India, Africa and throughout the continental United States and Canada.

Since embarking upon a freelance career following his departure from the Sentinel, he has worked on projects including Native American Life, Rattlesnakes, and the Shrimping Industry, and has worked for clients including Texaco, Cracker Barrel, U.S.Department of Interior, Canadian Government, People, Time and many others.

When he's not in the field, Kirsch spends his free time advocating for photographer's rights, educating other photographers about business practices, and chasing storms.He is a member of the NPPA (National Press Photographers Association).

In addition to editorial and documentary work, Kirsch is available for commercial and advertising commissions as well specializing in difficult if not down right dangerous environments and locales.

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