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char abumansoor

char abumansoor

Professional freelance photographer for about 30 years.beirut based.lebanon is my works fully known as editorial and commissioned for local market and abroad.

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beside i am recognized as fashion photographer, photojournalism in all also wild and family with nature and really satisfied with my landscape 25 years of photography have given me the knowledge of photography of all source of income comes from magazines, newspapers, book and generally promoting my work through any outlet i can find.
Ambitious, self motivated, creative and goal & profit oriented
Worked very effectively both independently and as a member of team
High level of understanding with a long list of experience in photography
Wide practical knowledge on flash lighting system monobloc.
Working in an elaborate studio or in the great outdoors
Enjoying photography as an art form and a potential income
My work is published in the following magazines, newspapers and books
Harper magazine, Decanter magazine, Daily telegraph newspaper, Ekstra bladet magazine, Arkitek magazine, WSJ journal, Total Abandon book, Lebanon A Q&A book.etc

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